Sunday, September 5, 2010

Wiling away time at Bar Frattina 4~6 Sep 2010 - Rome, Italy

The shopping along Via del Bubuino from Piazza del Popolo to Spagna left our feet sore and our backs aching especially after the 3 hours of non stop walking in the halls, capellas and basilica of the Vatican city. What's a more relaxing activity to take away the fatigue than chilling out along the alfresco bars to wile some time away? 

Bar Frattina along via frattina is one of the good spot for chilling out and people watching. Eye candy was good along this busy street that has the some of the big italian brand names. The down side of the chill out is about 2 euros additional to each item that you order. Bar Frattina also serve some smashing gelatos. I liked the pistachio and the limone flavors. They were so like the real thing.

Those tired feet ..........

My Fragola and Pistachio gelato got a "center-parting" from my licking.

Cool limone gelato with fresh fruits

Sheltered from the sun along the pretty streets of Rome.

Via Frattina, 142-Rome, Italy (in via Frattina nearer to the Spanish Steps)
Tel : +39 06 6792693

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