Thursday, September 16, 2010

Bistrot Giacomo ....... an enjoyable casual dinner in Milan, 16 Sep 2010 Milano, Italia

Giacomo Bistrot is a cosy yet swanky restaurant patronized by hip Italians that are dressed up to the nigh. At 7pm most of the folks at the bistrot were drinking around the bar counter nearest to the entrance and at 7pm, we were the earliest customers to arrive for dinner. That ties in well as there's no later time slots to accomodate us. The house was full. Ristorante Giacomo was the swankier sister restaurant just right beside this bistrot. The price point at Ristorante Giacomo wasn't right for us today as we still wanted more budget for shopping. Maybe we'll do a dress up dinner for our last night in Milan.

Inside, the ambience wasn't that fitting of a bistrot. I thought a bistrot should be more casual than what's presented before me. The interior was dim and had heavy furnitures, making it a bit stark. What's really casual about the bistrot was the attitude of the waiter who served us. He was jovial, chatty, attentive and was willing to share his personal recommendations on the dishes in the menu. Hip looking folks aside, Giacomo Bistrot was all about good food and attentive service that made it an enjoyable experience.

Deep fried vegetables and fried mozzarella dough (Complimentary appetizers). This looked like the 'acah' (spicy preserved vegetables) and fried fish balls that we see in Singapore. The vegetables were crunchy, not unlike tempura vegetable. I liked those mozzarella dough balls. The chewiness coupled with the fragrance of the mozzarella made this kind of a fun dish for appetizers..

This was our bread bowl with so many different shapes, form and taste to choose from. These biscuit liked ones was especially good.

Squid Ink Risotto with Shrimps. In this dish, the risotto was infused with squid ink but no excess squid ink sauce was used for plating. A thoroughly black looking dish can be visually unappetizing even though it may taste delightful. The typical saffron fragrance was evident but not overpowering.

Fillet Mignon with dijon mustard based sauce. I was told that in Italy everyone's particular about their food and in Milan everyone eat good. This medium rare fillet mignon that was sitting right in front of us bear witness to this statement.

Although a rather thick chunk, it was relative easy to cut thin slices for the slow enjoyment. The dijon mustard based sauce was a good touch to accentuate the taste of the meat. Nice balanced sauce done just right to tickle and not to overwhelm the palate.

Milanese Veal Chop with grilled potatoes. I must confess that my photo didn't do justice do justice to the veal chop. It didn't look interesting enough in my photo but trust me that it taste real good.

The frying didn't dry up the veal meat inside the coat of golden brown at all. It was still glistening with veal juice as I sliced it apart.

HY chose this cake that was a very light mix of muscapone and chantilly interspersed with berries. We love this cake.

Via Pasquale Sottocorno, 6
20129 Milano, Italia
Tel : +39 02 76022653

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pinkpig said...

dessert was amazingly good, i would have chosen another if not for the fact that we were already stuffed with the mains...


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