Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Cafe Florian Venezia 1720 ....... Drinking coffee in a piece of history 7~9 Sep 2010 - Venice, Italy

Nobody who visits Venice should miss Piazza San Marco. The square is the heart and soul of Venice where politics, religion and wealth congregated during the times when Venice was the busiest port in Europe. Cafe Florian had seen those glory days of Venice and serving coffee till now since 1720. That's many life times  for a cafe.

How can one not enjoy cuppa here. The immaculate service and great ambience brings the coffee experience to a different level. HY and I ask for Cafe Florian's traditional filtered coffee.

Cafe Florian's traditional filtered coffee is different from espresso. It's more like the Americano but I thought more fragrant.

We chose to sit inside to enjoy the feel of the aged decor. By the way, traditional filtered coffee is not served outside the cafe at their alfresco tables. Taking our time to drink coffee in here to soak up this historical symbol of the city was really an indulgence.
A different ambience will be presented outside the cafe. The seats here has the full frontal of activities in San Marco Square. On top of that, there's live music provided out here while you enjoy your coffee. A 'live music' surcharge of 6 euros per person will be added to the bill if one choose to sit outside.  However, when you sit inside but as close to the entrance as possible, there's no surcharge but the music's still loud and clear.

The corridor along Cafe Florian seemed to be always full of people walking pass. Everyone wonder if they should just go in to experience Cafe Florian's coffee that cost almost 2 times or more than most cafe in the city. I thought it's most worth while to enjoy coffee here with a love one, to immerse into the antiquity of it all. We felt that we could just sit here forever to enjoy this moment. The feeling's indescribable!

Piazza San Marco, Venice (Beside the Bell Tower)
Venezia, Italia
Tel : +39 041 5205641
Cafe Florian Website

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