Saturday, May 28, 2011

正斗粥麵專家 Zheng Dou for an award winning Wan Ton Noodle .... Central, Hong Kong

This is my second visit to Zheng Dou 正斗 for my last two visits to Hong Kong. HY and I wouldn't miss it as it's location is too convenient for us. Zheng Dou has an outlet in the IFC building and directly above the Hong Kong Airport Express station. Before we leave Hong Kong, we can fill up our stomach at the restaurant before boarding the Airport Express train. Zheng Dou 正斗 is known as a specialist for their congee and noodles, so they are a 'must-try' here.

Zheng Dou 正斗 in IFC  had been awarded the Michelin Bib Gourmand for their congee and noodles for several years, so there should at least be a minimum standard for the food.

Here's their popular wan ton noodles. The noodles were tangy and the soup tasty and sweet. Soup base here has a stronger ghee flavor from the noodles as compared to the one from Mak Ngan's. Some people do like wan ton soup base with this extra flavor.

The fried eggs with shrimps 蝦仁炒蛋 was delicious. Zheng Dou left the eggs a bit runny so that the shrimps got slight coated onto some eggs before we eat it. We liked this.

HY had this giant prawn congee. The congee was mixed with prawn roe that gave it that orange tinge and very sweet prawn taste. Needless to say, the minimum standard for Hong Kong Cantonese congee is the smoothness of the congee itself.

IFC Building 3rd Storey
Unit 3016~3018
Central, Hong Kong
Tel : 2295 0505

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