Sunday, September 4, 2011

Coffee Shop breakfast at Telok Kurau

This morning's breakfast was planned to be just buns and chicken glutinous rice from Hong Ho Phang at Telok Kurau Road. We ended up extending the scope to Kopitalk, the coffee shop beside Hong Ho Phang. How it happened ......

HY and I were happily ordering the buns and chicken glutinous rice from Hong Ho Phang when we saw this table of uncles enjoying their breakfast. They seemed to be regulars here. The curry puffs and carrot cake that they ordered from the coffee shop next door looked delicious. 

So apart from the small buns, chicken glutinous rice and steamed shrimp dumplings that we ordered from Hong Ho Phang ........

..... I tried the traditional Malay curry puffs that I saw on the uncles' table. The sardine filled puff was especially kicky as it was savory and spicy. The potato filled one is just so so....

The carrot cake here had prawns. Although the carrot cake wasn't that great, I liked it that it was very eggy. A generous portion of eggs was added and fried till it's fragrant and had that slight crisp on the browning.
 This will definitely be another one more breakfast haunt for us .........

1 Telok Kurau Road
(at the juntion of Telok Kurau Rd and Changi Road)

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