Saturday, September 3, 2011

Golden Mile Thien Kee Steamboat Restaurant .... simple traditional steamboat and more

I look back at my recent entries in August and hope that I haven't been harping on chicken rice. The fact is I had too many chicken rice during the month of August but I've been trying not to bore the hell out of this food diary so it's just limited to a few. This is one more entry for Hainanese chicken rice place, 'disguised' as a steamboat joint. Last night, we were at Golden Mile Thien Kee Steamboat Restaurant for dinner.

We were here at 6.45pm and managed to grab a table while we waited for W and J. By 7.30pm the restaurant was filled with several waiting guests stretching out their necks scanning for people who had finished their dinner.

The steamboat standard set comes with pork, fish, beef, fish balls, prawns, squid, beef belly, cockles and vegetables.  We followed the recommended smaller portion for the 4 of us and decided to skip the cockles and beef belly. Steamboat soup and the ingredients were simple and traditional.  But this steamboat business is definitely the restaurant's permanent fix as I can tell from the specially constructed gas pipes that runs from under the ground terminating at gas valves at spots below every table. Most steamboat restaurants uses gas tanks or mobile gas stoves. I find the steamboat not bad for the price we paid but it just wasn't that great.
While HY and I were waiting for W and J as they were caught in the Friday evening Orchard Road jam, we ordered some roast pork belly. I find the roast pork too dry and lacking in savoriness. Maybe that's why a little dish of sweet sauce was served as condiment.

Perk-up Dish No. 1 : The plate of steamed white chicken breast meat. This is plate of chicken breast was refreshing and stood out over the simple steamboat set. It's savory, tender and not greasy. This Hainanese chicken has similar standards of Yet Con's chicken.  

Perk-up Dish No. 2 : Hainanese Pork Chop. The crispy pork chop was topped with tomato based sweet and sour sauce. I think that the tender pork chops were coated with cracker biscuit crumbs rather than bread crumbs. There was a fragrance of cracker biscuits with every bite. 

Golden Mile Towers
6001 Beach Road #B1-20
Tel: +65 6298 5891

Opening Hours:
Weekdays 10am~10pm

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It was about $70 for 4 pax.


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