Saturday, December 3, 2011

L'Entrecote .... only steak frites

L'Entrecote is a French restaurant where the owners decided not to serve too many types of dishes but to just perfect one. That would be Steak Frites for them and steak frites would be the only mains on the menu.

This French Bistro is nestled among the quaint stretch of conservation houses on Duxton Hill.

Here's the restaurant where you have to wait outside and only to be allowed inside when everyone in your party arrives. By the way, L'Entrecote do not take reservations and there are not many tables. So, the restaurant can be packed and the wait can be quite enduring. How packed? I observed that if you're seated with your back against the long side of the dining area, there are times that the waiters have to pull out the tables to get you out of your seats. Sometimes, the adjoining tables can be 20cm apart.

Here's what we came here for ..... Steak Frites. The steak came pre-sliced and had the butter based sauce drizzled over the beef. The flavorful sauce seemed to be the main enticement for the dish. Apart from that, the crispy thin cut French fries played second fiddle but nevertheless irresistible. Shown in this photo was a half portion. HY and I shared the full portion.

The chocolate drenched profiteroles that could do no wrong ....

36 Duxton Hill
Tel : +65 6238 5700

Opening Hours :
Mon~Fri 12noon~10.30pm
Saturdays and Public Holidays 6pm~10.30pm

L'Entrecote Website

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