Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Wild Honey @ Scotts Square ... the place is simply like bees attracted to honey

It's really nice to take it slow, wake up late and have breakfast at 2pm. Yes, breakfast at 2pm and they serve them all day at Wild Honey. How wrong can I be when I thought that I'll have some quiet chill time at Wild Honey. The honey here's definitely attracting us bees.

Wild Mocha Dolce - Espresso, Chocolate, honey and milk
This is as happy a drink can be like the coffee etching suggested. It's hot chocolate and coffee blended into one. A sweet happy drink indeed.

Wild Honey European Breakfast - Eggs Benedict with two perfectly poached eggs, sauteed mushrooms, Italian prosciutto and homemade Hollandaise sauce on signature brioche.
The brioche wasn't light and fluffy so that it can hold the egg and prosciutto without creating a dent but was easy enough to tear apart so that I can dip it into the perfectly runny egg yolk. It seemed that Hollandaise sauce was purposely made less savory so that it didn't mask the flavors of the prosciutto. Terribly yummilicious!

6 Scott's Road
3rd floor Scott's Square
Tel : +65 6636 1816

Opening Hours : 
Mon~Fri 9am ~ 10.30pm
Sat~Sun 8am ~ 10.30pm

Wild Honey Website

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