Saturday, November 10, 2012

Beer Tower of Bar Bar Black Sheep

I am not your typical beer person. A more social drinker at that and proud to have no beer belly. It was more of a social gathering with ex class mates, some I knew for 30 years.  So when young men like us gather, it'll be over booze and  we chose a place with a name so safe that our spouse, girlfriends or mums would approve of .... Bar Bar Black Sheep. We got the most impressive Beer Tower to quench our thirst. It was shaped like Eiffel Tower with 4 taps at each side of the tower and just enough for four sheepish young men to gather around to drink to their hearts delight. We got about 6 imported beers to choose from. We huddled around the tower at the Tanjong Katong outlet. There's a Northern Indian Food Kitchen in the bar if you need some food. Bar Bar Black Sheep have their first bar at Robertson Quay and along the Singapore River.

362 Tanjong Katong Road
Singapore 437122
Tel : +65 6348 8275

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