Saturday, November 24, 2012

许兄弟猪什汤 Koh Brother's Pig Organ Soup ...... Not their organ soup this time but the Glutinous Rice in Pig Intestines

Koh Brother's Pig Organ Soup 许兄弟猪什汤 is a popular stall in the Tiong Bahru food centre for what their stall name suggests. However, I was here only for one of their more interesting dish that looked llike a Weisswurst.

Have you seen Weisswurst or German white sausages sold in the display chiller of the meat section in the super market? If you do, you may have seen a similar food in Tiong Bahru Food Centre. The Pork and Chestnut Glutinous Rice wrapped in Pig's Intestines, served at the stall and looks like a scaled up version of the Weisswurst. When it's sliced up it looked just like this.

Like the sausage, the outer layer is the pig's intestine (actually only a layer of the intestine that consist of naturally occuring collagen) which is used to stuff with steamed  glutinous rice that is mixed with chestnuts and pork. If you like to eat pig's intestines and pig organs and Teochew rice kueh, you'll like this. It taste like a fragrant Teochew glutinous rice kueh impregnated with flavors and aroma of the pig intestines like you have in pig's organ soup. The chestnut gave the dish some nutty sweetness.

I liked it drizzled with the sweet sauce and chilli that was provided as the standard condiments for the dish.

30 Seng Poh Road
#02-29 Tiong Bahru Food Centre
Singapore 168898

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