Sunday, December 2, 2012

Honolulu Cafe 檀島咖啡 ... It's not only their egg tarts 蛋撻

We couldn't really find time between shopping and sightseeing for Honolulu Cafe previous times that we were in Hong Kong even when we heard raves about their egg tarts. This time, we stayed close enough Causeway Bay, just one MTR stop away from Wanchai. There's no reason not to visit the egg tarts ... opps ... sorry, I mean Honolulu Cafe 檀島咖啡.

A movie, Crossing Hennessy 月滿軒尼詩 starred by singer/actor Jacky Cheung and actress Tang Wei featured Honolulu Cafe. The movie poster was still beside the entrance.

Before stepping into the cafe (char chan teang), we saw the last tray of egg tarts in the display case of the takeaway booth facing Hennessy Road. By the time, we finished our dinner the whole tray was wiped out. Fortunately, we got our hotel concierge to reserve 1/2 a dozen for our takeaway.

Takeaway boxes stacked up close by for the consistent demand of the cafe's pastries and cakes.

The egg tarts that we brought back to our hotel were not piping hot by the time we were ready for supper. However, the egg tarts' tart base didn't become soggy. They retain their characteristic flakiness. The egg custard was smooth. HY prefers Honolulu Cafe's egg tarts over the one from Tai Cheong Bakery.

Apart from the egg tarts, Honolulu Cafe serves good chi char food. I ordered the Curry Grouper Rice. The curry was rich and taste like the Hainanese curry from Hainanese rice stalls in Singapore. The grouper was tender and fresh. I liked the taste of the curry over plain white rice. Be generous with the curry.

Beef Vermicelli with egg sauce was full of 'wok hei'. The eggy sauce accentuates the savory taste. Somehow, it's difficult to find stir fried beef done this tender and full of 'wok hei' in Singapore. We can only get this in Hong Kong.

G/F & Mezz Floor 176-178 Hennessy Road
Wanchai Hong Kong
Tel : 2575 1823


red fir said...

Urgh jealous much! My egg tart heaven. :( You got your hotel concierge to reserve them egg tarts. ��

Open Kitchen Concept said...

Their ice coffee, which comes in a tin cup, with coffee powder sprinkled over the top is fabulous and goes perfectly with the egg tarts

elizabeth (bubbleteafordinner) said...


love the photos. I'm totally jealous. I've never even had an egg tart that size before, they look heavenly.

arief said...

love this cafe very much :)
that egg tart is yummy..
buy it more..


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