Saturday, December 29, 2012

Penang Hawkers' Fare at York Hotel ... simply authentic since 1986

From the 14th December 2013 to 1 January 2013, York Hotels brings in the authentic Penang Hawkers' Fare. The Penang hawkers are flown in to cook up a storm of Penang's best street food inside the hotel's White Rose Cafe.

Lunch - 12noon to 2.30pm
Dinner - 6.30pm to 10pm

Our Eat Eat Eat Group had a gathering to buy Chris a birthday meal. Here's showing what's available. We were out on a stampede with second and third servings of each dish.

Ban Chang Kueh - This is like out peanut cake that's mostly crispy and had a sprinkle of peanut inside. The queue seems to be the slowest as the time taken to cook this dish is a bit long.

Cuttle Fish with Kang Kong - This is a simple dish but the stall's special sauce, a mix of three types made it savory and sweet at the same time.

Lor Bak - This is an assortment of items like, shrimps, beancurd, sweet potatoe, and yam, deep fried in batter and then drizzled over with braised sauce.

Prawn Noodles - This is not unlike the type we have in Singapore but delicious nevertheless.

Penang Rojak - A mix fruit salad that's mixed up in prawn paste sauce and then sprinkled with bits of ground peanuts.

Penang Char Kway Teow -  The difference with our Singaporean char kway teow is the use of thinner kway teow and the dish do not have the sweet sauce that we have in ours. This stall has one of the longest queue in the hawkers' fare.

Fish Ball Noodle Soup -  Light clear tasty soup and springy fish balls. This was simplicity at it's best. 

Penang Laksa - The minced sardines in the gravy gave it the seafood characteristic with a slight sourish taste from the asam.

Oyster Omelette - I thought this would have tasted better if it's served right out of the wok. In the hawkers' fare, this dish was served out of a food warmer which takes out the wok hei.

Cendol - This Penang iced dessert is drizzled with thick coconut milk and gula melaka. There's also the ice kacang served at the same stall which I didn't photograph.

21 Mount Elizabeth
Singapore 228516
Tel : +65 6737 0511

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