Saturday, September 20, 2008

Miharu Ramen ............... Sapporo Nishiyama ramen

Tucked in one corner of Gallery Hotel, but facing the main road, is Miharu Ramen. Miharu serves Sapporo ramen. Like the restaurant, the menu is neat and simple.

The fresh Nishiyama ramen is imported from Sapporo and made from well water. After transporting to Singapore, the frozen ramen needs to be thawed for 3 days to perfection. A standard serving of ramen will come with seaweed, pork slice, corn and bean sprouts. Miharu ramen's speciality is in their ramen and they have a variety of soup bases to go along with the nicely textured ramen. The highight of Miharu is the ramen itself whereas, Marutama is known for the chicken soup base and Menya Shinchan is known for the pork bone soup base.

The following are what my wife and I ate last Friday evening.

Tokusen-Miso Ramen (S$13.00) - Special blended miso

Tokusen-Tonshio (S$12.50) : Special pork flavored blended with salt

Address : 1 Nanson Road Singapore 238909 @ Robertson Quay

Tel : +65 6849 8686

Country : Singapore

Website :

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