Saturday, October 18, 2008

Forlino ............... a Michelin star food experience

Head Chef Osvaldo uprooted his family and his one Michellin star restaurant from Piedmont, Italy to head the kitchen in Forlino, right beside the merlion. The chance fell upon me to pay a visit when we are celebrating our good friend's birthday.

If you really want a good view of the Merlion and the Marina Bay, skip the private dining room, just take a seat in the common dining area. The private dining rooms have full view of the Marina Bay and the still constructing Integrated Resorts. The Merlion and the Esplanade are pretty much blocked. You have to imagine the full expense of the view when all constructions are done. What a sight to behold .......... hold this thought and wait for 2 years.

The private room have warm lights and the service is good as the service staff is always at your side to wait on you. They noticed that I was having a camera and was trying to capture everything in sight and they actually accommodated me by turning the intensity of the light in the room and ask if it's good enough for my photography onslaught.

On a request from the birthday girl, the service manager brought us to the meat room (not the inside but only the outside peering in) where the imported hams were stored and sliced. The meat room is at the waiting room where the ceiling to floor windows allow a view of the Fullerton hotel and the sharpest chicane of the F1 route at Anderson bridge.

We ordered a list of food in the menu but I'll only comment on those that I've tried.

The complimentaries

.......... focacia bread before the meal

............. duck pate

............... little sweet bites after the main meal, together with desert.

Appetizer :

1) Piatto di Salumi e Formaggi dalla Nostra Cantina - Home Cured Meat & Cheese Platter (S$25) : This is an appetizer with servings of their best cuts in the restaurant coupled with some cheese. The salty pork lard among the cuts is tasty.

Mains :

2) Stufato di Capriolo al Barolo con Crostone di Polenta - Aged Venison Braised in “Barolo” Wine (S$42) : This taste like a lamb stew that I had somewhere, but of course the meat is different and this venison is definitely much tender.

3) Gnocchi di Patate al Sugo di Salsiccia Fatta in Casa - Potato Gnocchi with Homemade Pork Sausage (S$32) : The potato gnocchi that looked like marshmellows, is a tangy carbo-food. I got a feeling that not all people will appreciate the gnocchi if you only like your marshmellows sweet ........ I liked it though ....... that's why it's in here. The gravy and sausage is tasty. In this case, I was rewarded for being adventurous. How many of you would ike savoury marshmellows?

Deserts :

4) Crostatina di Lamponi Gratinata allo Zabaglione di Moscato d’Asti - Raspberry Tarte with “Moscato d’Asti” Wine Zabaglione (S$18) : The raspberry provides the fruitiness to compliment the sweetness of the tart. Good stuff. Luckily not many ask to share this ......... I had almost all the goodness of this tart to myself!

5) Cialde con Gelato al Miele e Salsa ai Frutti di Bosco - Summer Berries with Honey Ice-cream and Crispy Pancake (S$18) : The summer berries is a mixed of sour berries and have the scoop of sweet honey ice cream a compliment. I stole some bites of this from my wife. Overall, it's more sour than sweet which is what she likes.

Cost : about S$75 per person (only the birthday gal drank a glass of wine).

Address : One Fullerton, 1 Fullerton Road, #02-06. Singapore 049213

For reservations : +65 6877 6995

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