Sunday, October 5, 2008

Sunday Afternoon Tea @ Ritz Carlton Chihuly Lounge ................. for Sunday chill out afternoon tea

The Chihuly Lounge at the Ritz Carlton used to be a night chill out place where my group of friends would gather to chat up the week's event. The lounge is nicely furnished with several plush sofas and low coffee table combi for the casual gatherings and there are also some upright chairs with coffee tables for the business clienteles.

This Sunday, we can hardly find a decent high tea venue that do not serve the bubblies (sparkling wine, Champagne) and we finally decided upon just an afternon tea at the Chihuly Lounge. The impeccable Ritz Carlton service is still there and the ambience was relaxed, especially with the soothing music played by the Jazz band in the lounge. We weren't expecting something out of the ordinary for tea apart from some simple cakes and pastries to go with the tea served in proper English tea set and strainer coupled with lemon and honey,(without the need to ask for them). I wasn't being pompous but this is actually minimum standards for tea at Ritz Carlton. This hasn't changed over the years.

When we arrived at the lounge, we decide to take the Sunday Afternoon Tea buffet. The spread is not overwhelming but as relaxed as the mood in the place. There's one section where the savoury food were presented.

There were many different mini burgers ...........

....... the Thai fish cakes with Thai sauce

........ the vegetarian wrapped with Thai sauce

The other side of the lounge is where all with sweet tooth lingers.

Here's the creative mousses ..............

.......... the scones

........ I like this PI PAR GAO 琵琶膏 macarons

There is also a desert chef who is at the middle of the lounge making fresh pancakes filled with vanilla cream and topped with ice cream (raspberry, lime, strawberry sorbets and vanilla ice cream)

Cost : S$40++ per person (unlimited refill of tea and coffee)

Address : 7 Raffles Avenue, Ritz Carlton Hotel Millenia, Lobby

Tel : +65 6434 5283

Country : Singapore

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