Sunday, October 12, 2008

Laurent's cafe and chocolate bar...............the French definition of Chocolate

Laurent's cafe is really packed on a Saturday night but fortunately we're ushered to a rather big table for 3 on the inside of the cafe when a small group before us decides to leave after they're done. There's a chocolate room inside the cafe. Laurent Bernard is a chocolatier after all! Laurent's cafe and chocolate bar was previously known as The Chocolate Factory. This is where we can taste the French's defnition of ..........hmm........Chocolate.

.......the chocolate room right at the end.

My wife and I had a nice experience picking and choosing inside the chocolate room in another occasion. We were accompanied by a chocolatier who introduced us to the different types and taste of chocolates that they make. A small piece of the chocolate is about S$3.

Last night's desserts that I have with my wife and a friend;

1) Strawberry souffle - The nicely baked egg white mixed with the strawbery sauce is quite a good treat for the palate. Takes 20 mins to prepare

2) Creme Brulee - The burnt sugar on top has a faint taint of orange.

3) Valrhona warm chocolate cake served with vanilla ice cream - I think anything chocolate here easily makes the cafe's hot list. The hot chocolate ooze out when you cut into this cake. This is marvelous! Takes 20 mins to prepare

Drinks we had : a latte, a frapucino and a classic hot chocolate. The hot chocolate taste nice and milky, a more refined form of hershey's hot chocolate. I was expecting something like the thick cocoa that I had in Barcelona at Cacao Sampaka (a popular chocolatier in Barcelona).

I checked out the menu and they have a little list of bubblies that can go with their chocolate. Their Veuve Cliquot Brut is not too expensive at S$110 per bottle considering that a bottle you get from DFS is already S$90+

This is a nice place to people watch during the weekends. For a cafe with relaxed ambience which is most of the time packed, do not expect prompt service from the 4 waitresses. Service is pretty alright once you've caught one of their attention.

They have a newer cafe at Portsdown Road, near to Klee and Piestasantra.

Cost : S$60 for 3 people.

Address : 80 Mohamed Sultan Road #01-11 The Pier on Robertson Quay

Tel : +65 623 9007

Country : Singapore

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