Saturday, July 30, 2011

老伴豆花 Best Beancurd in Singapore

About a year ago, I noticed this stall beside Wang Wang curry puffs called 老伴豆花 Lao Ban Soya Beancurd.  It's crazy queue always turns me off. I'm curious but the queue didn't get the better of me until today. I had my marching orders from HY who has craving for beancurd. So here I am ..... 

......... in this crazy queue that ends without the stall in sight. It was a 40 minutes queue. The queue was so long that I had to leave the queue to take a leak and some friendly but equally crazy folks in the queue behind me was kind enough to 'chope' my place for me.

After a 40 minutes queue, here's my prized takeaways for HY and my parents. 4 orders of original flavored bean curd that just came out from the chiller set at 6 degrees celsius. There's the original flavored and the almond flavored ones. 

What's so special about Lao Ban's beancurd that causes the crazy queue? I took my bowl of beancurd out from my parents fridge and the beancurd jiggles inside the transparent container. As I scoop with a spoon, the tofu parted effortlessly. Lao Ban's beancurd is silky smooth and didn't have that distinct soya bean taste like the conventional ones that we have eaten all around Singapore. There's the added milky flavor to the curd. The beancurd was already made sweetened and there's no need for drizzling sugar syrup. It's the best I've eaten so far. Superb!

51 Old Airport Road
#01-127 and #01-107 Old Airport Road Food Centre


red fir said...

Lao Ban is cult tauhuay! I like! hehe we always get 10 or more tubs and customers are known to buy the soya beancurd in 20s and 40s. Almond flavor is always sold out early.

Unknown said...

I was about to order some almond flavored ones and the uncle just in front of me took the last of all the almond flavored ones. I guess there'll be another 40 minutes queue for me some time soon :)


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