Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Bonheur Patisserie .... it's their little things that make you smile

Bonheur means Happiness in French and in deed the little things that they create showered us with Happiness and evoked smiles in everyone of us. Bonheur is another addition to patisseries in the area and judging from the taste of their cakes, they'll be around for a while. Chef Yamashita (from Flor Patisserie), I think it's time to look over your shoulders.

Bonheur Patisserie is located along Duxton Road, nearing the end where it meets Craig Road. It's a short walk from Flor Patisserie. Apart from coffee, they also have their popular yuzu tea and hot Valrhona chocolate to go with the cakes and tarts.

One of Bonheur's popular item is their Caramel Opera. This Opera consists of layers of jaconde soaked with strong coffee, Equatorial ganache and caramel cream. It didn't taste of intense chocolate ganache like Opera that I eaten before. This stereotyping taste of the Opera that I'm so used to was broken by the use of a smooth caramel cream. It's good like HY told me. 

This was what we came for in Bonheur Patisserie, a Strawberry Balsamic Mousse birthday cake for Jane's birthday. It's a creation that everyone on our dinner table who sampled some gave their stamp of approval and promise to drop by the patisserie.

My small slice of the Strawberry Balsamic Mousse cake that reveals layers of Cream Chantily, Strawberry Balsamic Mousse, Vanilla Bavarois, Pistachio Sponge and strawberry balsamic jam coated sable.

It's really your own demise if you're not gonna visit and try it for yourself.

70 Duxton Road
Bonheur Patisserie Website

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