Saturday, January 21, 2012

Toby's Estate Cafe ... Another Pit Stop for Refuelling

I'm trying to space it out a bit and not get too many of my cafe entries clouted together else it expose my weakness to everyone. Caffeine calms my nerves and prevents me from biting the heads off everyone like I got up on the wrong side of my bed in the morning. HY have been with me for more than 10 years and she knew better not to start any conversation before I get major fueling of coffee every morning. So when so many indie cafes started to sprout out around the island, both of us are happy. For one,  I have many pit stops to enjoy good coffee and to her more choices for me to 'refuel' when she senses me transforming into 'Mr Hyde'. Another good pit stop for me is definitely ... Toby's Estate.

Toby's Estate is a cafe started by Australian Toby Smith from his passion for coffee which see roots in late 1990s where he breathe coffee in the Brazilian, Guatemalan and Colombian plantations. As Asia starts to boom in this bleak global climate, the influx of Europeans and Americans coupled with the global exposure of Asians make a conducive climate to start specialty coffee in the region, and more so, in Singapore. Toby's Estate Singapore is nestled among one of the rejuvenated warehouse, now part of a luxury residential condominium, Robertson Blue, and with the best facing, the Singapore River. It's a choice location and a favorite of mine if I wanted to start a cafe myself. The cafe is along the Singapore River along Robertson Quay, away from the main bustle yet easily accessible with a short stroll. 

HY and I were most impressed by the expense of the space inside and really liked this long communal wooden table that is centre piece of the cafe.

You'll certainly wanna bask in the aroma when this roaster at the far end is working the beans.

Follow Toby's Passion on his Coffee Trails.

It's these single origins that make things interesting for coffee drinking.

Espresso brewing behind this pressured contraption.

HY's Green Apple Juice and the Orange Cream Tart that we shared.

The tart base was more like a bread, cored at the centre for topping with the citrus cream.

My Indian Monsoon Malabar was brewed with the Chemex.
It had a strong aroma and a sweet after taste.

The apparatus available for your enjoyment. Let the 'Alchemists' behind the coffee bar indulge you and show you the gadgets.

The retort used to support the dripper makes it looks like a science lab.

Some of the coffee filters and apparatus on sale in Toby's Estate.

There can be some corner for some 'alone' time in the cafe.

Some of the fresh roasts are sold over the counter.
Go grab them before it'd gone. Some coffee for you?

8 Rodyk Street #01-03/04
Tel : +65 66367629

Opening Hours:
Daily 7.30am~6pm


red fir said...

You have already spilled the beans (pun intended) with your many indie coffee cafe posts. :P

Unknown said...

I got a back log of many more ... but I guess those can wait. Happy CNY.

Anonymous said...

It's lovely to see the siphons making a comeback, and that so many good cafes seem to be springing up in Sing.

Love Toby's Estate coffee, I love their teas too (chai)


Unknown said...

Tomi : It sure is lovely. I got a small house and not about to buy all the filters and siphon home. It's really great that these guys are bringing in all the apparatus. I'll just enjoy them at the cafes. :)


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