Sunday, January 15, 2012

Breakfast at 寶和餐室 Poh Ho Restaurant @ Crane Road

There's nothing happier than a good breakfast to start the day and we found one in Poh Ho Restaurant. Poh Ho Restaurant is actually an old style coffee shop in the Joo Chiat area, just one street away from the popular Joo Chiat Prawn Noodles. The coffee shop is packed especially on weekend mornings and parking can be a real headache.

Wall tiles laid to about 1/3 height of the walls, small mosaic tiles for the floor, white ceiling fans that was originally white, beer vendors calendars, a round wall clock. So old style right! 

A place to 'la kopi' stir coffee and relax.

There's yummy Wan Ton Mee from 福泰面家 Hock Thye Noodle House (a stall in the coffee shop) ....

... with delicious minced pork wan ton that also has crunchy water chest nut.

The coffee shop also has a popular Roti Prata Stall. Didn't get to eat a good Roti Prata for a while and prata served here was satisfying. They cook it the way I like it best. Crispy on the outside, a bit more charred and chewy on the inside. That of course need a long wait. It was about 30 minutes wait for ....

... my 2 plain roti pratas

... and Telor Bawang Roti Prata, Roti Prata with egg and onions.

The fish curry was good with the roti prata.

HY only eat plain Roti Prata dipped in sugar since she was a kid (She's still one at heart).

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Anonymous said...

You should have tried the popular economic bee Hoon, they have the best chilli sambal!


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