Thursday, August 21, 2008

The White Rabbit....

For all who love FOOD.........

The White Rabbit is the "IN" place to SEE and be seen. The "dining hall" is inside a nicely restored chapel along Harding Road. A good play of lighting, coupled with the cheery atmosphere, makes dinner here a relaxing ordeal. White rabbit serves the classic European "comfort" food but I think the food here is secondary to the ambience and atmosphere of this eatery. There is a bar lounge inside this chapel itself and another outside where there are slightly more standing spaces than sitting.

I was attending my friend's birthday party on a Friday evening and happen to be seated at a table right in front of the main entrance. The people streaming into this place is a feast to the eye whether is it from a gal's or a guy's perspective :). At 7pm this place is like two thirds filled and in no time, packed full. By the way, I was garbed top to bottom in Alexander McQeens and I still feel underdressed.

Oops sorry I nearly forgot to mention the food. I had some appetisers (sorry I couldn't remember as it doesn't leave an impression), a cupful of mushroom soup and a pork loin for the mains. The pork loin was nicely made but what really left an impression was my cupful of mushroom soup. Yes, you heard right. It’s a cup of mushroom soup, Cuppucino mushroom, they call it. The soup is poured into the cup and finished off with froth that you see on your cuppucino.

As I said before, "White Rabbit is the IN place to SEE and be seen" and "food here is secondary".

Country : Singapore

Please reserve at least one week in advance to avoid disappointment.

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