Sunday, August 31, 2008

Taste Paradise .............. certainly one of the best Chinese restaurant in Chinatown

Taste Paradise is one of the best Chinese restaurant in the Chinatown area. The restaurant is situated among the shophouses along mosque street. It has 2 private dining rooms that can be used collectively as one. Public parking may be an issue during the weekends. However, valet service is available. For a restaurant in Chinatown, the service quality is quite good.

I have revisited this restaurant for a free meal ( a really nice lunch treat from 2 of my friends) and I'll still have the following as my favourites.

Double boiled superior shark's fin soup :
No offense here to the shark conservationist, I like this the most. The broth is boiled withpork bone and chicken stock for 12 hours and it is served with the spring onion crispy stick. Everytime I'm here, the waiteress will inform that this dish is best not to be eaten with pepper or vinegar as it'll spoil the original flavour of the broth.

Wasabi mayonnaise prawn :
The wasabi bring's out the natural sweetness of the prawn.

Pan seared foie gras :
The foie gras is seared to the right texture and for a person who's not a foie gras fan, the portion is just right that the richness of this cuisine will not affect your taste bud for subsequent dishes.

One more well known secret dish is the XO fried carrot cake. Try it........ and be your own judge.

Estimated Cost : S$88++ for the set lunch of the most popular dishes. Prepare to pay about $100++ for dinner if you ask for the specialties here.
Country : Singapore

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