Friday, September 5, 2008

Kaiho Sushi ............. Omakase meal is definitely oishi!

Kaiho Sushi is a little sushi shop that can accomodate about 20 people. Apart from tables and chairs for about 10 people, the rest can eat at the sushi bar. We (me and my munching buddies) looked at the menu at first but in the end decided on "Omakase", which means you've entrusted your taste buds to the chef. Just decide on your budget per person and then let the sushi chef be off with his creations.

The cosy setting and the anticipation for a surprise from the chef makes this dinner more fun. As we were curious on the different types of seafood that were served to us, we started to engage the sushi master who turns out to be Bernard, the owner and sushi master of Kaiho Sushi. Although, its our first visit, we find that this man really enjoys his work and is sincerely friendly.

The following are some photos in Kaiho Sushi and the food that we've wolfed down, less the oyster soup and the grilled fish.

Our Omakase dinner menu (S$80++, this is the budget we gave Bernard)
1. a plate of lightly seasoned thinned sliced mackeral sashimi
2. freshest sashimi in the shop which includes scallop and the ottoro (premium fatty tuna)
3. a plate of sushi which has 2 blow torched ones.
4. Oyster soup
5. clamps in garlic sauce
6. grilled mackeral and sardine
7. frozen strawberry ice cream

After we started to get warmed up, Bernard treats us to his other creation that's hidden behind the sushi counter (Look at the jars in the photo with red strawberries floating at the top). This "good stuff" is usually for his regulars and corporate clients. What you see in the photos below is what Bernard calls, the Strawberry Sake-tini. Its a chilled, sweet and really easy fruity sake that goes very well with the meal he has created for us.

If you really would like to try out his Strawberry Sake-tini, for a party, call 2 months in advance and he'll start to make it for you. Bernard's food and hospitality makes it worth while to part with your dough.

Country : Singapore

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red fir said...

Is Kaiho's omakase good? Am thinking of trying, but it's hard to go omakase at an unfamiliar place.

Unknown said...

I went there twice and thought Kaiho was good. Prefer Kaiho to Nagomi on the second floor. If you're picky on your food, ask Bernard straight up what he has in mind for you. He's friendly. Do call up and ask for his strawberry sake-tini.

red fir said...

Thanks. Is the strawberry sake-tini complimentary? :P

Unknown said...

You can ask Bernard. We were lucky the first time we went there. He was in a good mood. So he gave us a sip of his stash for his regulars.


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