Thursday, September 11, 2008

KHA ................ fusion Thai.......with a nice sun set


I left office on time and head for a small photography excursion in some parts of the Southern ridges (Henderson wave and the Alexandra Arc portion). My 5km walk takes me back to Horts Park and I can use a drink.

In Hort's park, there is KHA, a fusion Thai restaurant. The nice cushy lounge sofa at the edge of the infinity water feature faces the park towards the west. Its a good view to enjoy the sunset. I ordered one of the KHA signature mocktails, Yanut, which is a chilled pineapple juice with basil leaves. The drink is really refreshing and I think I've ordered the right one.

For finger food (in the appetizers menu), I ordered Goong Sarong, 4 pieces of fried King prawn coated with rice noodles. This dish is crispy on the outside and the prawn is tender. The "smiley" sauce (see photo) gives it an extra perk up!

There's a wide selection of interesting drinks in the drinks list......some of them quite bold. I had a KHA ice coffee with CHILLI PADI when I came drinking with my friends last weekend. You can see areal chilli padi bobbing out of the surface of the drink. Its not fire-ry hot though.

Nice food and drinks!........especially with the sunset ...... hmmm ......

I think KHA will be on my "to go" list for dinner. I'll suggest to arrive a bit earlier to catch the sunset and then followed by dinner.

At night, the place is cooling and its a good place to chill out with friends. Just last Friday night, I was with friends drinking our way till midnight. If you are driving and intend to park in Horts Park, please park at the lots outside the Horts Park gates as they will be closing before KHA closes for the day.

Cost : $34 for the food and drink described above. I'll estimate a dinner cost of about $60 per person .

Address : HortPark, 33 Hyderabad Road Singapore 119578
Tel : +656476 9000

Country : Singapore

Website :

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