Monday, September 15, 2008

The Line Buffet @ Shangri-la Hotel ............... Thursday Seafood Night

Have I mentioned to you folks who's been following my food diary that I have a very good appetite for good food? Well, I've had good "training" fduring my post NS (mandatory national service in the army) days. In those days Seoul garden, was the talk of the town and then comes Kublai Khn Mongolian buffet....and many others. When we talk about buffets we'll all think that it's all about quantity and will close one eye to quality. When you had the best, you'l raise your bar for the standard of buffet. So far, my best buffet is one that provides you quantity and good quality food, The Line at Shangri-la Hotel and more specific, the Thursday night's Seafood buffet.

The crowd is definitely lingering at the seafood section. What you can see placed on the seafood bar;
1) king prawns
2) oysters
3) scallops
4) snow crab
5) lobsters (Please take note there you will NOT SEE the lobsters as they will all be snapped up before anyone can spot it. Please ask the chefs behind the bar. You'll be given 2 halves of the lobster if you want to fill your plate immediately.)

The sashimi bar will also be popular as you'll get fresh fish slices;
1) tuna
2) yellowtail
3) salmon
4) octopus
5) Scallops (these are the huge ones. Also please ask the chefs behind the bar for them)

There's a international food bar. But since we're here for the seafood, be focused. Actually, after trying it once, in the few times I was there, I feel that there's no lost if you skipped the International food bar totally ;)

The Indian food bar is pretty good, considering that it's hotel style Indian food
1) Naan, prata, papadum
2) satay
3) tendori chicken, chicken tikka,

The cakes and desert section has a good selection too! My lady friends who were with me for these buffet trips will never miss the strawberry fondue.

Please do not skip the what they called the ice cream teppan (as in teppayaki). Choose your ice creams, your favorite toppings like nuts, choco rice, raisins.......fruits etc. The chef will place them on a cold plate and with 2 spatulas, whipped them into uniformity and hand it to you in a saucer.

Before I forget, it all includes free flow of house beer, red and white wine. So DO NOT DRIVE! :)

My last trip there, I had 5 full large scallops, 2 full lobster (4 halves), uncountable king prawns, 3 glasses of white wine................ I think I already got my money worth without accounting for the other stuff I've eaten :)

After th few visits, I discovered the true meaning of the phrase ASK AND YOU SHALL BE GIVEN.......... if not you'll be deprived of the best in the house, the sashimi scallops and chilled steam lobsters. Go demand for them!

The buffet costs lesser on the other days (non seafood buffet days), but there will not be any free flow drinks and house pours and I noticed that the lobsters and oysters are missing too.

Cost : S$88++ per person. (Tuesday Oyster Night, Wednesday, BBQ Night, Thursday seafood night). S$78++ on the other dinner nights.

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Anonymous said...

Non, non...I've been to The Line for about 3 years now and never on a Thursday. Yet, I do see lots of lobsters and oysters (I can skip lobsters but oysters? Nah) And you probably need to edit your pricng for normal nights though I am not the one signing on the check but I am sure it's incorrect. And regards to your other post on Raffles Hotel, it should still be known as a 5 star hotel, not 6.

Unknown said...

Hi Anonymous

Here's an updated on the pricing for dinner at The Line.

S$88++ per person. (Tuesday Oyster Night, Wednesday, BBQ Night, Thursday seafood night). S$78++ on the other dinner nights.

Probably the few times that I went, people were all craving for the lobsters so I don't see them and I went for mostly Thursday night. Well this was my personal experience with the place.

Again Thanks. I've updated the cost for the food here.

Anonymous said...

"When you had the best, you'l raise your bar for the standard of buffet. So far, my best buffet is one that provides you quantity and good quality food, The Line at Shangri-la"... ahhh, exactly what I would have said myself. My fave dinner buffet to date. But I prefer those days when they don't break into different themed nights. Much better value then. And yes always ask and you'll be given and not many know this. I always ask at the antipasto section.


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