Sunday, September 28, 2008

Verve Bar & Bistro .................... Italian mafia in the menu

Gillman village was an old army barrack that dates back to the British colonial days. We can see some efforts to help develope this place into a F&B belt. Some friends told me that this place has the potential to become the next Dempsey Hill. At the moment, there are already several eateries but still not a crowd puller as Dempsey Hill. There are plenty of parking space here.

Verve, the new kids on the block here (opened about 7 weeks from the date of this write up), takes up the old British cinema building. So far it's the only Italian establishment in this area. There is a comfy lounge on the inside of the restaurant that extends out to the outside which is a popular section for people who wants to be near to the natural greenery while sipping their drinks. They have a small cellar for the wine enthusiast.

I was out here today as my two friends have cravings for pizza. We decide to try out pizza at Verve. The pizzas in the menu are all names of characters in "The Godfather"........Corleone, Vitto.....

We ordered;

1) Vitto Pizza, which is a classis magarita pizza that made Naples world famous. This is a basic tomato, basil and cheese pizza. My two friends who always ordered the magarita pizza at several other pizzarias (several times at Pepperoni at Greenwood, part of the Les Amis group) thinks that Verve actually made it good!

2) Ah Sao Pizza, a spicy chicken infused with lemon grass recipe that comes from a lady in Malacca. They've added the spicy chicken recipe into pizza. It taste good..........but only if you can agree with me on eating spicy food. My friends thought its a bit too spicy for them. But the menu did warned .........Not For the Faint Hearted

3) Duck confit Pasta, this one is not too bad.

4) Waffle with Belgian ice cream - The waffle is freshly made and they'll ask you to wait 20 minutes to get this prepared.

With the quality of food that they're serving, I was wondering where's the crowd on a Friday night! I think Verve deserves better. Maybe, the hipe of the F1 race have brought all people to the Marina Bay area.

Cost : about S$30 per person

Address : Blk. 7 Lock Road, Gillman Village

Tel : +65 6473 3655

Country : Singapore

Website :

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