Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Cafe le Caire @ Al Majlis.................. Middle Eastern Gastronomy

I was out on a night photo shoot at Arab street and chanced upon a Middle Eastern restaurant that is among the shop houses along Arab street. Business is good to an extent that the restaurant took up another shop house space across the road just for the extra dining area. I decided to be adventurous and was rewarded with a delightful Middle Eastern food experience in Cafe le Caire.

I was seated in the carpeted section where every one sat on cushions laid on the carpets. Cafe le Caire provides the Hookah Shisha pipes to customers  who's interested in the "healthier" form of smoking that originates from Middle East. There's a choice of different fruit/herb mixture for the smoke.

I was recommended the .............

Shish Kebab - The chunks of lamb were seasoned with spices and were skewered and then charcoal grilled. Two dips were provided with the dish. One of them is chilli sauce and the other, a tasty white colored bean based dip. The lamb with the spices tasted marvelous. It's no wonder my wife told me that she had eaten shish kebab in Egypt when she hardly touches lamb, if she can help it. I guess the spices did its magic. Else, the raw smell of lamb can be sometimes quite overwhelming. The potato wedges were made just right. The potato was still soft when I sank my teeth into it.

At first, the waiter recommended Harissa (a Yemeni recipe cooked with lamb and white wheat) and Hummus (a mix of chickpea and tahini, sesame paste). Although I would like to try them, I doubt that I can finish them. So I declined. I guess they'll have to be saved for another occasion.

The Khusry tea that was recommended in the menu was nothing spectacular.

I'll be back at Cafe le Caire for more food.............

Cost : S$20 (for Shish kebab and Khusry tea). Estimated S$30 per person with an additional appetizer.

Address : 39 Arab Street

Tel: 6292 0979

Business Hours:
Sundays to Thursdays
10.00am - 3.30am
Fridays and Saturdays
10.00 am - 5.30 am

Country : Singapore

Website :


Anonymous said...

how nice experience it is! I like your website sharing different cultures with pictures. I'm from Turkey and we have some commom dishes with Arabs. One of them is Hummus, you should have tasted it. It has a scrumptious taste. I'm planning to publish its recipe in my blog soon.

Unknown said...

thanks ..... I'll look for your blog!


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