Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Picotin...................european dining with the horses?

Picotin, traditionally means "horse ration of oats", which may be quite relevant considering its location in the Horse City. The location allows its spacious set-up but can be quite out of the way for those who do not drive. There is a bistro and a bar in this place. Meals are mostly outdoors and I don't see any air conditioned tables available. Considering the ambience of the place, its no wonder one can spot the likes of Philis Quek (our local mediacorp artiste) walking back and forth the ladies and the bar (Looks like she might be having a little too much to drink). I observed that there were plenty of caucasians in this place. Its either the food or the ambience that attracts them here. We (my party of 7 people after in-line skating session in East Coast) were allowed entrance to have dinner although most of us were in our bermudas and some in flip flops. I'm sorry I will not do that again......shame on Singaporeans. The mains we had were just OK. I'll advise those who's not use to traditional onion soup, give it a pass, its too bland for my taste buds anyways. The thin crusted pizza is quite tasty. Get the 12" one instead of the 9" as it makes more economical sense. Creme brulee was good and my wife's profiteroles proved to be the best. Nobody touched the souffle after someone ate some and we left the waiter looking puzzled at the quite untouched desert.

Overall, I think its a nice place for a dinner date but hopefully you'll not meet shabbily dressed Singaporeans like us......hehe.

I think this will be a nice place for breakfast......... I'll come enjoy the breakfast someday.

Sorry no photos to go with this page of the diary.

Cost : Dinner per person is about S$60 without wine.

Country : Singapore

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