Saturday, September 13, 2008

Wan Hao Xuan ................ Good food good service

After seven years since I hosted my ROM luncheon, and many other times that I went for dim sum, lunch and dinner, Wan Hao has never failed to impress me with their service quality. In Wan Hao, you will be seated  full cushion back chairs whether you are in their main dining hall or the private rooms. Even after several years, I can still spot the same waiters and waitresses around. This tells me one thing. Wan Hao, bothers to retain staff that performs up the the service standards. There was this once when I was trying to lift the lid off the Wan Hao fried rice, the waitress in charge of my table rushed over and quickly helped me with the scooping. This is the kind of service that is very scarce in Singapore. However, if you're having dim sum during the week end, and being seated in a private room, the service may be slow. Do not fret, get the manager and tell them that you hardly see the waiter/waitress that helps with filling the tea pot. You'll immediately get someone who'll be lingering in the room and going out only to be peering in to look if you need help with any thing. What ever it is....... It's my favorite choice of Chinese restaurant if I do run out of ideas. 

The following are what I had for last night's dinner;
1. Silver Bait - Fried silver fish with garlic, chilli and pepper flakes This may not be on the menu but they have it all year round. Although common, its the best one I've eaten so far. When I'm in Wan Hao, I'll make sure this dish is on the table.
2. Sea Cucumber broth - This is one of their many broths and clear soups. They are all single serving.
3. Pan Fried boneless chicken wing stuffed with Yunnan ham, kai lan, mushroom and carrots.
4. Stir fried black pepper beef.
5. Wan Hao Crab Roe Fried Rice - This is one of my favorite dish, the crab roe makes the fried rice more fragrant. You may not see it on the menu but you can order it.
6. Chilled yam paste with ginko seeds and coconut ice cream. This desert is good!

The desert menu changes. If you are an almond jelly fan and you happen to be in Wan Hao, order the almond jelly desert. It is some of my friend's, my wife's  and my favorite. Last night, it happens that there was no almond jelly on the menu. However, the chilled yam paste was good! 

Cost : S$60 per person. Could be more if you order shark's fin soup........

Address : Marriot Hotel Singapore Level 3
Tel : +65 6831 4615

Country : Singapore

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