Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Min Jiang @ One North .............. what a fowl place

I recalled that there was this one night that I was being summoned from my lesson in a nearby university to help my wife and friend finish this delicious fowl dish. After listening to the taunts over the phone, I whispered a good bye to my professor and sped over to, this fowl of a place, Min Jiang in Rochester Park. Since I was just doing a good deed by helping to finish the food, I did not pay...... :)

The Peking duck is a must try. Due to its popularity and the chef's insistence of still doing a good job of preparing this fare for you, PLEASE CALL TO BOOK YOUR DUCK! I've had Peking ducks from else where but having it in all alfresco style, in a restored Colonial style bungalow set among the greens, is quite a refreshing feeling. How do I express that feeling......hmm how about imagining you're a duck being liberated....ok cut the crap!

The Peking duck is served with many condiments and of course, it includes the tangy popiah skin that we wrap the duck skin with. Dip it into the special sauce that is provided, close your eyes and then let it slide into your mouth ...... Mouth watering climax achieved!

In another occasion, I had a family lunch and we were seated inside of the bungalow, on the 2nd floor. The duck was still good and the air conditioning was most welcome. I wouldn't encourage an alfresco lunch in our humid climate.

The original Min Jiang is at Goodwood park hotel. I won't go try it though as I feel adamantly that the same food will taste better with a good ambience.

Sorry there's no photos for this page of the diary.

Cost : About S$60 per person including a whole duck and 3 or 4 more dishes.

Address : 5 Rochester Park

Country : Singapore

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