Sunday, September 14, 2008

Hua Ting ................ really some refined Cantonese cuisine

It's my dad's birthday and he's a pork person when it comes to food. So, this an opportunity to visit Hua Ting after I've heard so much hipe over its roasted suckling pig. You've to pre-ordered the pig at least one day in advance. One suckling pig is good for 4~6 people.

Hua Ting had won many food accolades in the past years under the management of their Master chef, Chan Kwok, who had won the Asian Ethnic Chef of the year 2005. He sure had brought with him, good Cantonese cuisine from Hong Kong.

We were ushered into a small private room with high back chairs. The service standard is good. A waitress stayed with us in the room to serve all our needs throughout the dinner. My visit to Hua Ting last night sure leaves a good impression, food and service included.

The following were the dishes on we have eaten.

1) Roasted suckling pig - This is why we come to this restaurant after the hipe I've got from friends. The crispy skin from the pig is sliced off the pig's body. In Hua Ting, a little piece of "bun" is laid over the crispy pig skin and coupled with some spring onion. This combination taste nice with the char siew sauce. I've had a couple of pieces wth the XO sauce that was provided and it taste good too! The rest of the pig can be used for fried noodles or fried rice.
Some tips for folks who likes good suckling pig but without the frills. Yan Chuan Roaster (S) Pte Ltd. Tel :+65 67472623. They cater to delivery for all events. Try to ask for smaller size suckling pigs over the phone. Smaller size ones taste better. Do call to check out the price, pig's price fluctuates. I've recommended this to a friend who was celebrating his recording company's event when SHE was in town last year. SHE, the popular Taiwanese girl band is one of his artistes. I'm glad he liked it! I forgot to ask if Hebe loves the suckling pig. I am a fan ......... for both suckling pig and Hebe :)

2) Shark's bone soup - This is a dish that do not need extra condiments. The soup is boiled using shark's bone, mushroom , with some seafood and some Chinese herbs. This is a taste of all the natural ingredients in the soup and there's no need for pepper, vinegar or soy sauce to enhance its flavours

3) Pan seared venison with mushroom - The meat is tender and with the gravy, its easy to eat. However, I can taste a slight hint of tenderizer and the gravy is not enough to cover it. Its still good though.

4) King prawn in preserved olive stew - This is a private dish that was off the menu but was recommended by the senior waitress who took our orders. The preserved olive stew gives the prawn an exquisite taste.

5) Stir fried Asparagus with XO sauce - Simple as it seems, my dad finished off 2 portions  on behalf of my wife who underestimate the spiciness of the XO sauce. My wife got a very low tolerance for chilli :)

6) Fried Ee Fu Noodles with the pork from the suckling pig.

7) Desert : Black glutinous paste with vanila ice cream.
Cost : about S$100 per person (we had a table of 6). The suclking pig and the shark's bone soup is about 2/3 of the cost.

Address : Orchard Hotel Singapore, 442 Orchard Road, Singapore 238879 

Tel : +65 6739 6666

Country : Singapore

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