Sunday, February 8, 2009

欢乐小厨 Happy Kitchen ......... Good Chinese Food at a good price

Geylang Road, at the area near to Lorong 12 has several eateries that usually opens in the evening and ends business in the wee hours of the night, all in the spirit of supporting the vibrant "adult" businesses in the area. Thanks to this vibrant primary business in the area, Geylang has many good food joints. Somehow ........ sex and food goes together pretty well.

A little distance away from the notoriety of Geylang, at the corner of Geylang Lorong 39, resides 欢乐小厨 Happy Kitchen. Inside the restaurant, there is a bar counter and the tables are set-up to look like a humble wine place that would serve Western food. Art pieces, mostly oils, are hung up along the walls and they are all for sale. From the first looks of the restaurant, we decide not to have high hopes ....... but Happy Kitchen was set to prove us all wrong.

Here's what we had ordered and I would recommend;

(1) 虾酱脆皮肉 Deep fried streaky pork with shrimp paste (S$7.80). The pork is prepared with some spices that makes it taste nice.

A close up of the streaky pork wrapped with the fresh crispy lettuce and a really good mix here ......

(2) 天山羊排 Fried Mutton Ribs with Fennel and Chilli (S$16.80). This dish reminds me of my "onslaught" of skewered mutton slices in the streets of Kunming, Yunnan. The mutton can be a little bit tough but the spices, fennel and chili, makes this dish specially tasty.

Here's a close of the mutton rib. Before eating, dip it in the sauce provided (vinegar with arc slices) .......

(3) 脆皮麻婆豆腐 Sauteed Bean Curd With Minced Beef Bean Sauce packed in Crispy Skin (S$12.80).

The humble looking crispy exterior seeks to beguile. The soft tofu insides with the taste of spices makes this humble looking dish special.

(4) 猪脚黄豆汤 Petit toes soup with soy bean (S$18.80). This is the pork trotters soup cooked with soy bean. This is cooked till the meat and the soy bean becomes very soft. The soup contains all the essence of the ingredients.

Cost : about S$ 20 per person for a filling meal

Address : 757 Geylang Road (At the corner of Geylang Lorong 39)

Tel : +65 6741 8115

Country : Singapore

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