Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Roti Prata House ........... For Your Crispy Prata

It was a recent Saturday morning that HY got an appointment with a friend to do brisk walking at the HSBC Treetop walk. Well they did the whole 12km! I decided to play the nice husband and send her to the start point .......... but only with a hidden agenda .........

After dropping HY, I immediately drove to the Roti Prata House.  This is where one of the crispiest roti prata in Singapore can be found (my ulterior motive). This morning I had two pratas, one with egg and one, "kosong", plain. To compliment the "shiokness" of the crispy roti pratas, I down one glass of teh halia, ginger tea. This made my GOOD morning.

I think the crispy prata looks delicious. Don't you think so?

Address : 246M/246K Upper Thomson Road. Shophouses betwee Jalan Todak and Jalan Keli.

Tel : 64595260

Country : Singapore

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