Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Eryimin Beancurd @ Short Street for Beancurd with as good "Kung Fu" .......

I was trying to visit the famous Rochor Beancurd and realized that it was closed. However, Eryimin Beancurd, just next door, was opened. Eryimin beancurd is a business split from the Rochor beancurd. Their beancurd is just as good. After all, the bosses are related to each other. 

I used to live in Rochor Center and have the privilege to eat the Rochor beancurd when the business did not have a stall yet. In those days, when the IBM XT was the latest computer, where computer game graphics are all in monochrome (green with black background), Rochor beancurd was still peddling their beancurd on the goods tranporter tricycle, with stainless steel bins of soft beancurd right on the tricycle. At around 10 pm, the tricycle will park near the junction between the current Queen Street and Rochor Road (diagonally across Rochor Center, that's why it's called Rochor Beancurd). I will carry a food container to purchase S$1 worth of the soft and smooth beancurd. S$1 is sufficient for 4 servings. There will be cars illegally parked along the street, just behind or in front of the tricycle to eat on the go or to do takeaway of Rochor beancurd. 

Until now, there may be 3 or4 different names that has the beancurd "kung fu" originating from the Rochor beancurd tricycle peddling days, I find that all their beancurd are just as good.

Here's my bowl of beancurd (S$0.60) and a glass jelly soya bean milk mix drink (S$1.00)

A close up shot of the soft and smooth beancurd ........

I've tried the beancurd from both stalls. As I said before, their "kung fu" comes from the same master. Whether it's sibling rivalry that cause a rift, or it's just plain expanding of family business, their are beancurd are equally good. So ....... go with the one with the shorter queue!

Address : 4 Short Street (Rochor beancurd is at 2 Short Street)

Country : Singapore

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