Sunday, May 17, 2009

Janggut Laksa, The Original Katong Spoon Laksa @ Queensway Shopping Centre

Out in the world of laksa, stretching from East Coast Road all the way to Holland Village, the claim for the original Katong Laksa rages on ........ 

Do I really care if this is the original Katong laksa? Not at all. So whether or not the laksa that you tried claims the original Katong one, just try it and ask yourself, is it good laksa? Like chairman Mao once said, "Whether is it the black cat or the white cat, the one that catches the rat is the good cat." The laksa that appeals to my palate is a good cat to me.

This being said, I've spotted this "good cat", a Katong Laksa stall in Queensway shopping centre. This is the main stall and the branch is in East Coast Road's Roxy Square (according to information on the sign). This is a bit weird knowing that Katong is nearer to East Coast Road than Queensway. So shouldn't a flagship stall of Katong Laksa be nearer to Katong than Queensway??? Quit the baffling. Like I said before, their laksa is a "good cat". So what if it's not the original and not from Katong. 

The laksa stall in Queensway shopping center is in one corner of the triangular atrium. Their brightly lit red and yellow sign and the smell of their laksa beckons you. The stall has crampy sitting spaces as it's meant to be an eat and go deal.

So their specialty is the spoon laksa. No chopsticks are needed as the laksa noodles are cut into shorter sections and can be eaten with a soup spoon, obviously a legacy left from the "eat and go" mode of business since 1950s. I'm not new to spoon laksa and had my first taste of it is in a stall at the junction of Sungei Road and Weld Road. This stall is known as the Sungei Road Laksa, another spoon laksa that's in business for as long as I know. Many people who pass by would just grab a bowl at S$1, eat while standing and then leave when they finish their food. That was many years ago and I've heard that they've shifted to Kelantan Lane. Maybe it's time I pay them a visit.

Back to Queensway, the S$3 portion of spoon laksa contains 4 cockles, 2 shrimps and some shreds of fish cake. The laksa gravy is not spicy enough for me and I have to mix up all the chilli that was provided. The miniscule portion aside, the laksa is actually quite good.

Address : #01-59 Queensway Shopping Center, or 50 East Coast Road (Roxy Square branch)

Country : Singapore

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