Saturday, July 4, 2009

Fancy a Japanese Restaurant without a Menu? ........ Nagomi

The conglomeration of Japanese karaokes, pubs and clubs in Cuppage Plaza brings with it several Japanese restaurants to cater to the Japanese palate. I have been eating at Cuppage Plaza for some time, but Nagomi seem to escape my eye.

We only decided to visit Nagomi after looking at two perfect 10 recommendations from in a popular food review site. Let's see if it's really perfect 10.

Walking through the front entrance, spreading open the cloth curtains will lead you right into Nagomi's cosy set-up. The restaurant is adorned with jars lining the wall behind the bar counter.

There were four, four-seater tables and apart from the bar counter that can contain 8 people.
The ambience was relaxed and cosy, somewhere you'll laugh and joke loudly without getting stares.

Apart from the chefs working in the kitchen, there was only one waiteress to serve everyone. Service was prompt and friendly. When our full party arrived at the table, Chef Nada came to us and explain to us that there's no menu in his restaurant, they'll cook up the fresh produce they import into their kitchen. Most importantly, he'll take note of any food each of us want to avoid and then start to preparing our omakase.

Here's what Nagomi prepared for us at S$65/person, which consist of the following,

Sauteed chicken, cabbage, carrots (appetizer)

Japanese seaweed with soy beans (appetizer)

Tofu Salad
Garden grees, avocado, baby tomatoes, tofu, some very appetizing salad sauce.
The tofu is soft yet denser than the kind found elsewhere.

Sashimi Platter
Six different types of sashimi with a favourite fatty tuna. Everyone went for the fatty tuna last.

Grilled Kinmeida
Fresh kinmedai (golden eye snapper) grilled with sea salt.
It's a simple, yet sincere taste from the sea.

Braised Black Pork Belly
The pork belly was braised till it's really tender with the
essential "melt in your mouth" fats. Ichiban!

Grilled Beef Loins
The beef looked tasty but were cooked way too tough for everyone.

Boiled Squid with Radish
Nicely made with the squid so tender and yet immersed with the savory flavour
of the sauce and infused with the essence from the radish.

Our party were impressed with the dishes until the beef dish was served. Overall, it's stillan enjoyable food experience except that I've regetted not planning more time to slowly take it all in. We were in the restaurant for 1.5 hours and we were served our first 4 main dishes. This was when we hurry them as we have an appointment to catch. Normally, the price tag for a meal is about S$80 ~ S$100 per person depending on your appetite. The more food you ask to be delivered, the more you'll pay.

As the place is small, do call Nagomi for reservations.

An Alternative Omakase Place in Cuppage Plaza

One level up in Cuppage Plaza, Kaiho Sushi is an alternative to Nagomi that serve good Omakase too. With regards to ambience and food presentation, I feel that Nagomi has a slight edge over Kaiho Sushi.

Address : 5 Koek Road, Cuppage Plaza #02-22

Tel : +65 6732 4300

E-mail :

Country : Singapore


James said...

Mmm. Real food. Loving the seaweed.

Unknown said...

In fact I had a double dose as my wife do not like seaweed. It was a pleasure :).........

FOODnTRAVELla said...

The food serves in Nagomi in Menara Hap Seng, KL are awesome and fantastic.... do have a peep on my review..

Unknown said...

To FoodTravella : Glad that you loved the Nagomi in KL. But I think the Nagomi that I've described is a different eating concept and not affilated. It's more like a small Japanese eatery that has no menu. Thanks for peeping into my food diary though ........ Slurp!


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