Friday, July 31, 2009

新景記 Xin Jing Ji for Fish Ball Noodle in Hong Kong Central

There was these couple of trips to 吉結街 Gage Street in Central, Hong Kong in search of Pork Bun (in Lan Fong Yuen) that we chance upon Xin Jing Ji. The fishball noodle stall was not too crowded but never vacant. This humble looking establishment is already more than 60 years old and the owner have been making fish balls the way his father made it when their business first started. Even the chilli oil to go with their food are home made. This stall is selling sincere self-made food.

Fish Ball Noodles 鱼蛋粉
The owners admit that their fish balls were never as springy
as others because they insist on using the freshest 100% fish meat.
Others out there add flour to make the fish ball springy.
I liked the clear soup, lightly salted and infused with the
taste of fresh fish ball and fish cakes.


Fish Cake Soup
My BIL and I ordered an extra fish cake soup to 
go with our fish ball kway teow. The fish cakes were
made with 100% fish meat like their fish balls.

Some local newspaper coverage of the food stall.

Apart from the fish ball noodles, they also serve beef brisket noodles.

Address : 7 Gage Street, Central, Hong Kong (along the SoHo elevator)

Opening Hours : Daily 9am ~ 1pm

Country : Hong Kong


KennyT said...

Bon appetit

Slurp said...

Hong Kong is a food haven!


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