Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Arinco King's Salt Caramel Roll

My Box of Salt Caramel Roll from Arinco King (S$18)
Again .... I got indulged by HY. Ion Orchard is a naughty place.
I had to do a run from Horts Park to Mount Faber and back just
to punish myself for the indulgence for these 2 days.
HY brought home a box of Salt Caramel Roll from Arinco King at
Orchard Ion. The last few times that we deliberately pass by the
Arinco King outlet, we were turned off by the number of people queuing for
the Swiss rolls. Cakes and bakes from Japan again! However, the novelty
of this hyped-up Japanese style swiss roll seem to have subsided.
HY mentioned that she didn't have to queue at all. Just grab a box ,
paid and walk off to the taxi stand to wait for me to pick her up.
Although she bought it, it became all mine, eventually.

The Arinco King Salt Caramel Roll
The cake had a very light texture, almost foam like. Rolled in between
were the burnt caramel brittle which I loved. Sweet with that little burnt
taste. HY ate a mouthful and only liked the cake texture but found it too
sweet for her. So, the whole cake became mine. There's still one more slice
waiting for me in the fridge today. Wanna try?

Come on give me a bigger slice!

Address : 2 Orchard Turn, Ion Orchard, #B4-60
Tel : +65 6509 8640
Country : Singapore


red fir said...

Your food porn is working... I'm craving for a whole roll now. Love this.

Unknown said...

I'm eating my last piece now .... Slurp!

KennyT said...

Omigosh, this caramel roll is sinful!!! I'd be weeping with gratitude if I could fetch some nearby.

Sihan said...

oh gosh.. yes please.. give me a bigger piece!

Unknown said...

To SiHaN : Too bad the last piece was gone last night ;-)

Unknown said...

Hi Kenny .... that thing is sinful alright. I felt more balanced after doing a 8km run.

Anonymous said...

The cake is having 50% off for Chinese new yr haha just got my first roll at 9pm at 9 buck ! Go grab the offer while it last :)


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