Sunday, October 4, 2009

Omakase @ Kaiho Sushi ......... mo ichido onegaishimasu

This Friday night's dinner brough us back to Kaiho Sushi for Omakase. We were expecting a lot after our first 2 omakase from Sushi Chef Bernard. Although, the sashimi and the sushi were fresh and good but I thought Bernard's magic was not there for us anymore. Friday's omakase items were quite similar to the those we had the last 2 times. Maybe it was just my luck as omakase would depend on what are the fresh ingredients that set foot into the kitchen. I was envious of the other food items that other foodies had during their visit. But should I just demand specifically what I want? If I did that, dinner wouldn't be called omakase anymore. I think I have to try omakase somewhere else and then come back to appreciate.

(All items shown are portions for a 1 person S$80++ omakase dinner)

Kaiho Omakase - Sashimi Platter

The 4 types of sashimi
Starting from top left : Sake (salmon), Otoro (Tuna Belly),
Iwashi (herring or sardine), Kampachi (Yellowtail)

Otoro with the interlaced omega 3 fat streaks

Shiso Sprouts with bonita flakes

Oyster Soup
2 big oysters in the oyster infused soup. Tasty soup.
The oysters tasted well with the ponzu sauce.

That oyster from the soup cup
Quite a big sized oyster inside the oyster soup.

Sanma Shioyaki
The lightly salted grilled sanma or mackeral pike.
A drizzle of lemon juice made it simply tasty.

Sushi Platter
Sushi Platter with Shima Aji (Horse Mackeral), Maguro (Tuna),
Iwashi (Herring), hirame (Sole), kampachi (Yellowtail)

Plum Wine Konyaku
At first I thought this was some normal konyaku jelly but
after trying I really liked it. It was not ordinary. This
konyaku had a good amount of plum wine in it. Good Stuff!

Address : 5 Koek Road, Cuppage Plaza, #03-01/02
Openining Hours : Lunch 12:00pm~2:30om Dinner 6:00pm~11:00pm Closed on Mondays.
Tel : +65 6738 1315


KennyT said...

But the photos you take still make the food looks so yum! ^^

red fir said...

Actually omakase (anywhere) doesn't necessarily mean to leave everything to the chef, you can always state your preferences (subject to availability) and opt out of foods you don't want. I always do. At Kaiho the other time I requested for the snapper nitsuke specifically.

myfoodsirens said...

So nice! I'm always envious of bloggers who post on omakase cuz it's something I wanna try but haven't the chance to go for it yet ha. So do you recommend this place for its omakase?

Unknown said...

I know ice .... I was just nitpicking on the real definition of omakase. The fact is, I demanded for a no squid or octopus sashimi moriawase. So, strictly speaking, I was not really entrusting the chef already Not that Kaiho was not good just that I didn't take the initiative to let Bernard know what I wanted. I'm just too entrusting ....... haha :)

Unknown said...

Hi Qiuyi ....... Don't be envious. al you need to do is to take that first step. I do liked Kaiho Sushi. It's a nice cosy place for omakase especially when the Sushi Chef Bernard is such a friendly person. Do make a reservation as Kaiho has limited seats.

Unknown said...

Hi Kenny ...... The food was still YUM! I was just expecting more variation. I think my taste buds are fickle :)

red fir said...

Hmm... maybe a change is good. Perhaps you'll like to try Nogawa (my fav where else), Tatsuya?(if you want to break the bank) HAHA or Tomo. My recent visit to Tomo I only requested for sushi but I've had their full omakase before. I think you'll like the experience, pretty good variety there. Chef Thomas is very nice too. Do give it a go. :)

SistaFood said...

the sashimi looks very fresh indeed!

alkanphel said...

I like to eat at Kaiho as well but I do agree that the variety has been a bit lacking at the last few times I've been there. I guess I'm not regular enough there yet as well.

Unknown said...

To alkanfel : Glad that you echo my sentiments :) But they still serve good food.


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