Saturday, December 5, 2009

Dinner @ Tampopo Takashimaya outlet

Tom Ton Special Moriawase
This dish was provided the different fried meats with the different sauces. The best fried stuff in the house were available here!

The ume sauce made the tonkatsu taste very refreshing. Ume sauce tasted different from the Chinese plum sauce although they are suppose to be the same fruit.

Black Pig Shabu Ramen
This ramen is the kyushu style with pork bone soup base. The kyushu ramen's texture is harder than the Hokkaido style ramen. One of the Tampopo's Signature Ramen.

Deluxe Miso Hokkaido Ramen
The seafood based soup is clearer than the pork bone based soup. Hokkaido style ramen tasted softer and more tangy.

These shrimps that was added to the soup tasted like the fried flat fish that was added to bak chor mee. It definitely accentuated the taste of the soup.

I took a liking to dragon motif bowls used with the Hokkaido ramen.

Coffee Chiffon Cake
The coffee chiffon cake was light and fluffy. The coffee cream and melon seeds topping was almost classical. However, Tampopo's implementation was tasty!

Scoop Short Cake
Fluffy and light are definitely characteristics of cakes from Tampopo.


red fir said...

You seem to be having lots of fun doodling on your pictures...

myfoodsirens said...

Haha, smart of you to point out the different fried stuff! Otherwise, it would all look the same to me =)

Unknown said...

Adobe Photoshop is a great tool! :)


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