Friday, December 18, 2009

Lunch at Inagiku

Before we rush off to spend our holidays in Hanoi, we had to get the X'mas presents out to close friends. We decided on yet another venue, Inagiku, to used the 50% discount with the "Feed at Raffles" card before it expires for the year. The last time I came to Inagiku with HY, the restaurant's decor appeared somewhat retro. This time round, as we gathered to exchange presents, the place was all revamped. Dark cool interiors with spot lights over the tables. There was also an area for sitting right infront of Teppanyaki chefs while they cook you the dishes.

Tokujou Chirashi Sushi Lunch Set (S$95)
The Tokujou Chirashi Sushi Lunch Set comes with a salad (or chawanmushi), a bowl of chirashi sushi and assorted fruits. Initially, I thought the price was high but later I thought it was justified (with the discount). I was glad that I ordered this lunch set. It was delicious!

The Salad
My lunch set started with the salad which I had chosen over the chawanmushi. The fresh greens was sprinkled with crunchies that tasted like fried "por pia" skin.

The Tokujou Chirashi Sushi (my mains)
When my Tokujou Chirashi Sushi came, I was struck by the combination of colors that the nicely arranged ingredients inside the glass bowl presented. Tamago, Crab stick, Snow crab claw, Unagi, Hirame, Salmon, Maguro, Ebi and my favourite, the ootoro. These fresh seafood ingredients were laid over sushi rice mixed with strips of seaweed and bits of salmon.

What I liked most in the chirashi
When I saw the Ootoro, I was delighted. The ootoro that was served with the chirashi was the "melt-in-your-mouth" kind. Look at that strip of omega rich fat and the thinnier streaks of interlaced fats. It was truly enjoyable. The ebi was quite a large one and was sweet to the core.

Inagiku chefs at work
Right at the end of the restaurant, at the teppanyaki section, Inagiku chefs were busy preparing the teppanyaki orders for everyone.

Lobster and Beef Zen (S$80)
Apart from the great chirashi sushi that Inagiku provided, they served equally enjoyable teppanyaki. This dish came with teppanyaki beef tenderloin and lobster. HY chose this lunch set and was agreeable on the high standard of food served to her.

Teppanyaki Beef Tenderloin
The medium cooked beef tenderloin smelled like a slight buttery fragrant before I pop one chunk into my mouth. The beef was still tender and juicy inside. It was a well done medium cooked beef!

Teppanyaki Lobster
I couldn't comment on this teppanyaki lobster as I didn't get to take a peck from the bowl. When I was busy snapping photos of other food items, HY finished them in a jiffy and didn't even offer a bite. Hmm! It must be good!

The lunch experience in Inagiku was an enjoyable. Great food standard aside, the service was unobtrusive, yet prompt. I would be back for more food.

80 Bras Basah Road
3F Fairmont Singapore


red fir said...

I've been wanting to try this chirashi but I thought it's too extravagant to be paying $90 for just a chirashi alone. I can get even a omakase at that price. I've got no FAR....

I've tried the teppan with the king prawn before & it was really very good, albeit abit too jeelat.

Have a good hols!

Unknown said...

I wouldn't be near it if not for the 50% discount with the "Feed at Raffles" card. But the chirashi was really yummy :)


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