Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Dinner @ Inagiku for our 'Gastro-therapy'

Our hearts and souls were ruffled badly when we survived a car wreck (when our car was innocently parked in our car park). On top of that, mummy's accident (a separate one from my car wreck but hit me with a snowball effect) which left her with a broken knee and arm. This all happened while we were in the middle of moving into our new house and in a short span of 2 weeks. I was tired. I felt that I've aged. I can feel HY's fatigue too.

Time heals and dust settle. My mum is now recuperating well in our new house and our car came back to life, roaring in it's shimmering new coat of paint. It's a miracle that HY and I survived. This called for some serious 'gastro-therapy' to heal our souls and soothe our tired hearts. We knew one place that can provide just that kind of therapy for us ........ Inagiku. We put our 'Feed at Raffles' card to use again so that Inagiku didn't leave us very much poorer. Here's the food we had that helped lift our spirits.

Soft Shell Crab
Deep fried soft shell crab is one of my favorite Japanese side dish. One can enjoy crunching through the crispy legs and yet still enjoy the juicy, meaty body of this crustacean and what more, minus the teeth punishing shell of their 'hardier' cousins. Inagiku's version has the perfect crispy golden brown complimented with good wasabi mayonnaise dip. Oil from the frying was immaculately drip dry.

Resting on the crab was this tasty piece of 'crunchy' topping that is made of baby sardines, meshed together and then deep fried. I've moved it and place it amongst the greens to get a better contrast on photo.

Kaisen Salad
I'm not implying that this is a 'bang-for-your-buck' dish, knowing that you'll always have to pay premium prices in Inagiku. But this salad was the most 'value-for-money' relative to the other dishes listed in the same category. Apart from the heap of wild rockets accompanied with Ponzu sauce, we have fresh sashimi mingled with the greens.

Among the greens, there were a couple of sweet fresh prawns ...........

....... the tamago (egg), ikura (salmon roe), scallops, salmon, tuna .........

....... crab claw and sole fish .....

Wagyu Ishiyaki
Stone Grilled Thinly Sliced Wagyu Beef with Wasabi mustard and Japanese Cresse. This must be the highlight dish of this dinner. It was so enjoyable that HY and I were distracted and 'fantasized' about ordering this dish on our next visit while we were in the midst of deciding a dinner place this evening in the slow traffic back home (we had this Inagiku dinner 3 nights ago).

I can't help but take a close-up photo of this small yet 'heavenly' piece of premium beef that's going to be sizzled on the hot stone.

We were asked how we want our Wagyu to be cooked. "Medium Rare of course!", we exclaimed politely and almost in synch. The waitress proceeded to cook the wagyu one piece at a time.

Each piece was served to us when it had done it's time on the hot stone. The wagyu was simply flavored with crushed black pepper corn. this went well with the Wasabi mustard and Japanese Cresse dip sauce. The sauce enhance the natural juicy sweetness of the wagyu. As we slide each piece of the wagyu into our mouths, we have to suppress a feeling of triumphant elation and stop ourselves from raising our arms, punch our fists in the air and shout out 'Oiishiiiiiiiiii'!

Some staples that we ordered .......

HY ordered the Zousui which is porridge with mushrooms and egg white as the main ingredients. This Japanese porridge was simple and light, yet tastefully appetizing.

I ordered the garlic fried rice that had enough garlic to kill a vampire. Other than garlic, there were bits of carrots, crab meat and egg. This 'vampire killer' was fabulous.

One shortcoming we can pick was about the dessert menu. It didn't appeal to us. Otherwise, the service was flawless, just short of feeding us our food without us lifting our hands.

80 Bras Basah Road
3F Fairmont Singapore


red fir said...

Hope mommy is well. God will bless you all. (:

Unknown said...

Thanks friend ..... my mama is on her way to speedy recovery.

Jer Lin said...

best wishes to your mom!

Unknown said...

Thanks Stargirl ..... there's definitely some warm folks out there reading my food diary :)


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