Wednesday, May 26, 2010

K-ki ....... epitome of Japanese dessert shop?

The highlight of Kinabaru was the alternating layers of white coconut and yellow passion fruit mousse. The color splash made it a visual pleasure and rich coconut milk tasted a contrast with the sour-rish passion fruit layer.

Souffle Cheesecake
Even though the Souffle cheesecake looked pretty mundane among the other desserts, I liked it the most. It's one of the softest cheesecake I've ever eaten. Of course one can argue on the economies of this cheese cake being more airy than the typical rich denseness of other cheesecakes. This one got my attention.

Mont Blanc
This chestnut cake is one of the popular choices in K-ki. It looked pretty, the cake base tasted soft enough but didn't catch anyone's attention, as no one on the table was a chestnut fan. I thought Glace's version tasted better.

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