Thursday, May 6, 2010

Zam Zam Restaurant for Murtabak

Since 1908? Which means Zam Zam Restaurant is already 102 years old! The shop is still opposite the Sultan Mosque near Arab street and still as popular since, maybe, 20 years ago when I last visit. I gave up on their murtabaks and pratas but now I'm back for some nostalgia and was glad that they turn out to be serving one of the best murtabaks and pratas in the area.

I did a little snooping and found out that now Zam Zam belongs to a family that had taken over the shop space in 1985. So, this current Zam Zam business is not really century old but the Zam Zam brand name definitely is. Even though the Zam Zam now may not be the original, they still sell good traditional Murtabaks and Briyani.

I've lived old enough to have eaten the original Zam Zam. 20 years ago, Zam Zam was as popular but I find that the murtabak then was not as crispy. They made the tangy style murtabaks and pratas. Business then was so good that sometimes they precook the Murtabaks that I decided that I didn't like them anymore even though my dad still ordered me to buy from them (I lived nearby at that time). Wow 20 years ago ..... I'm old.

My age aside ....... The current Zam Zam is different. The murtabaks were only prepared when you order. At S$4, for the smallest size, they are still quite a big portion. The dough was tangy beyond the slight crisp and the mutton bits inside the skin was still tender unlike most that had the mutton bits overcooked.

One thing to note is that Zam Zam do sell prata with eggs but do not sell prata kosong. Perhaps the cost of making prata kosong is not as profitable as the food items in their menu? Another tip if you would like to eat their Murtabaks in the shop, there's also air conditioned tables on the second floor.

My S$6.70 lunch at Zam Zam
Mutton Murtabak (S$4), Prata with onion (S$1.50), Teh Halia ($1.20). Hey who says that Zam Zam do not serve Prata Kosong? I ordered the Murtabak and I asked politely if they are willing to make me a prata with onion (prata kosong with a slight twist). They obliged. I read that some folks were being turned down when they ask for prata kosong. Lucky me.

Close up of the tender bits of mutton in the murtabak.

I chose fish curry to go with my murtabak. It was fluid but flavorful enough.

The typical cucumber with ketchup that was served with murtabaks (or mee gorengs).

697 North Bridge Road
Tel : +65 6298 6320

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