Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Michelin Star Experience in Da Fiore 7~9 Sep 2010 - Venice, Italy

Walking through intertwining narrow streets, geting lost, re-aligned our directions back at the hotel and then we were finally at Da Fiore with our tables waiting for us. 

Inside Da Fiore, the lighting was warm and cosy, but definitely not the best for photography. This michelin star ristorante's service staff was prompt attentive and definitely worthy of the star in their category.  I was a bit taken aback by the classy ambience that was a contrast from the ristorante's facade and decided to ask if I could take photos especially with my big flash bulb. "Why not!", Maurizio, the manager, and husband of the chef, exclaimed and then went off to get us a couple of house pours for us.

Da Fiore was in business since 1977 serving Venetian cuisine with a specialty in seafood. The family run ristorante osteria had recently been brought to its pinnacle by Maurizio and Mara Martin. Mara has a knack of adding her original creative flair to traditional Venetian cuisine that she inherited from her grandmother. Creative good food with refine touches coupled with immaculate hospitality spearheaded the birth of a Michelin star experience right inside Venice.

Granccola con salsa al corallo
Spider crab with coral sauce (Appetizer)
The minced spider crab with coral sauce taste refreshing with that little limone fragrance.

Torre di insalata di mare
Seafood tower salad (Appetizer)
This appetizer could well make do as a main dish. Mussels form the base of the tower followed by the super tender octopus and resting like a king above it all, the giant prawn. I don't know how it was possible, but the octopus was really impressive as it was really, really tender. The tower was drizzled with extra virgin olive oil and sprinkled with herbs.

Spaghetti with grapes, tomato and shrimps
This was by far, the most innovative pasta that we had in our whole trip. The typical savoriness of of the spaghetti, sweetness of the shrimp and tomatoes was pierced through with the more intense fruity sweetness of cherry grapes.

Mazzancolle alle 7 spezie
Imperial shrimps with 7 spices
The 7 spices infused into the sauce gave it a piquant touch with a striking contrast to the sweetness of the Imperial shrimp. A bowl of steamed basmati rice was provided to go with the dish. This dish was simplicity on the outset but gradually gave divinity to the palate as the sweetness of the shrimp got rolled in with the delicious sauce.

Frittura di pesce mista di stagione
Deep fried Adraitic fish
This was the epitome of fried seafood. It was crispy on the outside, juicy on the inside and most incredibly, not a spot of excess grease on the plate.

With delectable dishes, we just had to indulge ourselves with a couple glasses of white wine. Drinking in Italy was so much more affordable than in Singapore. Great food with good portions made us regret not keeping a spare tank for dessert like we always do. The pampering experience from the food, drinks, and immaculate hospitality made visiting Da Fiore one of the most memorable for HY and I in Venice. Do make reservations if you decide to visit.

San Polo 2202/A
30125 Venezia, Italia
Tel : +39 041 721308
Osteria Da Fiore Website

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