Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Osteria Enoteca Giorgione 7~9 Sep 2010 Venice - Italy

We left Rome, feeling good about the food we enjoyed. But as we set our foot into Venice, we thought we could eat seafood here forever and Osteria Enoteca Giorgione was the one that got us all warmed up to fabulous fresh seafood in Venice.

There was only HY and I in the osteria when we arrived, after getting a little excited over our short gondole ride across the Canal Grande. Hmm ...... was our research for a traditional Venetian Osteria going into the drains? Wrong! We were just too early. Dinner in Italy seemed to start at 8pm which was when we were already proceeding with our mains as customers started to stream in.

The freshest catch are selected by Paolo and Dario, the osteria's managers, every morning in the Rialto market. Chef Fabio would then whip them all up into impressive dishes to whet you appetite. The key here is eating all things fresh. With the great food and warm Italian hospitality, we were indeed living up Giorgione's motto, "Hic manebimus optime" which means "We'll have a great time here."

Scallop Baked with bread crumbs and mozarella
Paolo recommended this scallop dish that was not on the menu. The scallop was covered with mozarella and bread crumbs and then baked.

Rice (Rivierasca Style) Seafood and Vegetables
HY and I were most mesmerized by this seafood risotto that Giorgione served. The risotto had a tinge of saffron infused with the flavors of scampi, mussels and then finished off with sweetness from tomato and vegetables. Before this, HY totally swear off risotto due to the richness of cheese but this one that Giorgione served, she just dug in and dug in and took a lot of my share. It was appetizing, well flavored and not cheesy like the Milanese version.

Grilled Baby Angler Fish
The angler fish was lightly salted and then grilled with some thyme. The drizzle of lemon brings out the sweetness of the fish. There wasn't much fuss into cooking this dish and it's one good way to present the freshness of the fish. Polenta was served as sides but I wasn't a fan of polenta.

Amaretto Tiramisu
This was our first tiramisu in Italy and we were impressed. The tiramisu came in a bowl that was so soft that it was simply eaten with a spoon. We can taste the Amaretto but it wasn't too heavy that it take away the sweetness of the mascarpone.

Cannaregio, 4582/A
30131 Venezia, Italia
Tel : +39 041 5221725
Osteria Giorgione Website


ratatouille said...

this is the place i had the best meal in venice last yr. their seafood platter is fantastic.

Unknown said...

I have to agree that it's one of the best meal that I had in Venice. At one point, I even thought that the food here's better than the 1 star Michelin that I'm gonna share later.

alkanphel said...

The food looks great, damn delicious. And that seafood risotto makes me think of paella instead haha!

Unknown said...

I was really delicious alkanphel. Yes the seafood risotto can look very much like the seafood paella. Just that risotto becomes tickier from more stirring than cooking paella. Of course, one's Italian and the other is Spanish. I think the rice used may be different too. Any how, I love to eat them both! :)


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