Saturday, September 4, 2010

Traditional Italiano at Matricianella 4~6 Sep 2010 - Rome, Italy

Near Spagna (Spanish steps), in Piazza San Lorenzo in Lucina, we had our dinner at Matricianella. The ristorante was in a quiet street branching off Piazza San Lorenzo in Lucina. Matricianella serves traditional Italian cuisine. Food here didn't have fanciful presentation but was sincerely tasty.

Here, we ate a really good plate of San Danielle prosciuttos. A whiff of sweet nutty aroma was obvious as the plate of San Danielle was presented. The good marbling of fats in the juicy slices and a good curing with just the right amount of salt made this a fabulous dish to start the meal. 

One of our mains was chicken sautéed in Rosemary sauce. The sauce tasted evident of chicken juice from the sweating with a tint of Rosemary. The savoriness of the dish enhanced with Roma tomatoes and black olives. Tenderness of the chicken was 'perfecto'.

The fettucine of chicken liver and minced pork was a tard too heavy for us. This pasta sauce was mixed with too generous touch of mozzarella in thick tomato puree. We felt that it was too cheesy and musky. This was a chef's recommendation though.

Via del Leone, 4 Rome, Italy
Tel : +39 6 6832100

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