Thursday, December 30, 2010

Teochew Traditional Steamboat 锦记海鲜火锅 ........ "不好吃不收钱"

Soup Base has 17 ingredients that made the soup tasty
This is the season when waves of monsoon rain cools down the weather in Singapore and make it very conducive for the steamboat meal. Along Joo Chiat Road, near to the stretch where there are pubs and a "vibrant nightlife", there's an unassuming restaurant amongst the shop houses that served good Teochew steamboat. How good it really is? Well .... so good that they actually stake a claim on their business card, "不好吃不收钱", directly translated to "If the food is no good, don't take your money". The soup base was a milky white, prepared with 17 ingredients but the boss just wouldn't tell me what's in there that made it so tasty. Of course lah ..... who would. For steamboat business to actually "make it", a good soup base is one thing, the other important factor, fresh ingredients for the pot. 锦记 Jin Ji provides only fresh meat and seafood, coupled with the tasty soup base that made it such an enjoyable meal. There's one ingredient placed behind the counter that not really fresh though ..... Calmex Abalone.

Here's some ingredients that we ordered;

This beef was super tender. Of course we shouldn't cook it for too long.

US Prime Beef that well marbled. This beef was super tender.

Dip the beef into the bubbling pot. But don't over do it.

Pork Balls. These pork balls aren't nicely 
rounded but taste nice and tangy.

Yam Sticks
Squid Balls. This is the squid paste. The balls weren't prepared yet. Service staff will do that for you. Another tangy tasty dish.

Fresh Sliced Grouper. We were proud of ourselves for
ordering this. It's really sweet and tender.
Drunken Prawns. They were still kicking and alive
until they got too drunk.
Boss Recommended this fish paste thick noodle.
It was very tangy and delicious. Just cook this for a while.

The chilli sauce at the far end had a real kick.
This garlic, chilli soy sauce made the
food taste all the better.
With steamboat that taste so good, it's no wonder why they are so confident to stake the claim "不好吃不收钱". One tip to take note : The place outside the restaurant can be quite active at night. For our female friends who want to eat here, if you don't want to be mistaken, do take care to dress up more appropriately.

176 Joo Chiat Road (Near junction of Joo Chiat Place)
Tel : +65 6348 8924

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