Sunday, December 26, 2010

X'mas gifts from a bunch of buddies .... Great minds think alike

HY and I threw a little gathering in our apartment on X'mas evening. What was supposed a pool side BBQ turned out into  an unexpected food orgy inside our little apartment that has a sofa for 3, dining table for 4 .... and we had 9 adults and 4 kids. The bigger space at the poolside that we had planned for this gathering was thwarted by the monsoon rain last evening and now as I'm penning this down, it's all bright and sunny. Anyhow, we did managed to have an enjoyable time huddling together, mostly standing, for the BBQ food that were eventually prepared out of the pans and oven in my kitchen. Merry Christmas everyone! Thanks for accommodating and keeping the high spirits despite the undesirable weather.

We had instructed everyone only to prepare gifts for the little ones but despite that here's what we got from our bunch of buddies.

A set of BBQ tools that all fit into the apron ..... the meat thermometer is missing ..... Borders you ought to check the stuff you sell. Since this is X'mas, a season for giving ...... I forgive you. A bright green salad bowl that's not in the picture cos' its still draining dry in the kitchen after we used it. A Pierre Herme Macaron Book in French. Chef didn't want to publish any English version for the reason that we can probably guess. Come on Pierre ...... we need to buy a French - English dictionary now. Thanks Chris.

Jamie's Italy. Everyone here knows how HY and I missed Italy ever since we step back onto our little sunny island. Harumi's Japanese Cooking. HY and I always fall for almost anything Japanese and definitely Japanese food. A starbucks cup ..... for enjoying a cuppa while waiting for that stew. A classy little set of plate and gold chromed spoon and fork .... for HY to test my experimental cooking. I know they always dislike the ugly looking plates that I used for photographing these food. haha.Thanks Jane, Simon and Tricia.

A motorized salt and pepper grinder ...... You guys all know that I use the grinder all so often ...... now I have to invest in more AA sized batteries. Thanks Joanne, William and little Victoria!

Another one of the same motorized salt and pepper grinder. As HY opened this present we burst out laughing loudly. Great minds think alike! It's a real dillema now. Shall we use the Ade's one for salt and William's one for pepper or vice versa? A little fur ball of a clutch purse (not in the pic) from Ade's China tour and very useful for our marketing trip to hold all our moolas. Thanks Ade!

Boy am I glad that we have the freshest of seafood. Octopus, Stingray and super fresh big prawns was meant for the BBQ but they were transformed into pan fried sambal belachan octopus, baked stingray and poached prawns. A set of Loccitane hand cream to indulge the hands after the washing up. Thanks LT, YW, YJ and YX.

From all the gifts, I do believe now that great minds do think alike!

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We have great friends....


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