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Paradise Pavilion 樂天閣 .... another Paradise Group creation in Marina Bay Link Mall

High back cushioned seats, chandeliers, obvious wine chiller, the restaurant's location (inside Marina Bay Financial Centre) were tell tale signs that this is a place set up for business meals. Another highlight of the restaurant as we walked in was the wood fire brick oven for the roast duck. All these are features of Paradise Pavilion 樂天閣, the latest addition to the Paradise Group of restaurants.

As we walked to our table, the restaurant didn't need to spell it out to let us know that Peking Duck is their specialty. Apart from the wood fire oven at the entrance, we can see that many tables ordering the dish and chefs busy cutting up the ducks right in front of each table. Service was prompt and I thought it's a must as folks that will frequent this restaurant for business lunches wouldn't have much time to wait.

The waiter serving us was quick to give a full introduction of their Peking duck, emphasizing that they serve the real Beijing style roast duck and even the 'popiah' skin (Chinese crepes) 薄饼皮 are imported from Beijing.

Chefs cutting up Peking ducks in the restaurant 

As we didn't pre-order the roast duck, we had to wait for 45 mins. Meanwhile, we ordered some dishes that I thought were pretty impressive. So far, my best experience with Paradise Group of restaurants is in Taste Paradise at Mosque Street (not there anymore). To rekindle that mouth watering experience, I had to order the Trio of Appetizers which is the same as what I had in Taste Paradise. We were told to attack the Pan Seared Scallop first to taste the sweetness of the scallop, followed by Foie Gras with its intense richness wrapped within a tint of savory and then finally the Wasabi Prawns. The wasabi washing away the richness of the foie gras and then the sweet juicy melon to refresh the palate. I would say it's a wholesome experience from these three little signatures. For this dish, I cannot expect a lesser experience than being brought to paradise as it has been their signature for a long while.

Trio of Appetizers - Pan Seared Scallops with mayonnaise,
Pan Seared Foie Gras and Wasabi Prawn
Close up of Pan Seared Foie Gras
Close up of Pan Seared Scallops with mayonnaise
Close up of Wasabi Prawns with Melon

HY didn't order appetizer. She had the Shark's fin dumpling soup, her favorite and which she thought was one of the better ones she had in Singapore. It's so good that I didn't have a chance to take a nice picture of the soup. All gone in a jiffy.

Before the roast duck arrive, we ordered some dim sum dishes and I would recommend the following .............

Deep Fried Yam Paste Dumpling have to be this standard. Crispy on the outside, soft moist yam inside and quite importantly, the presentation shouldn't be greasy.

Crispy Deep Fried Yam Paste Dumpling
The oozing flowing custard with the salted egg fragrance in a soft bun are evidences that this Custard Bun was delicious!

Custard Bun
I liked the indulging smell of truffle as I sink my teeth into the first bite of this Chicken Pie, urging me on to the next bite.
Chicken Pie with Truffle Oil
A bite off the pie revealing the fillings
It's revelation time when these familiar condiments were served to everyone on the table. We got our backs upright, perched our heads looking out if the next trolley with the Peking Duck was wheeled to our table.

Finally our duck arrived and the chef quickly cut up the first pieces of the crispy skin in deft movements. These first pieces of the skin were to be dipped with sugar only and be eaten while it's still hot.

Chef cutting up our duck
Subsequently, the tender meat portions with the skin were carved out to go with the other condiments. As the plate of duck meat were placed on the table, we got ourselves busy peeling off the thin 'popiah' skins off the stack, all the while careful not to tear them.

Aim for the piece with the crispiest looking skin and juiciest looking meat ......

My piece of duck was placed on the popiah skin that I had layered with a generous amount of char siew sauce. Strips of scallions and cucumber were then stacked over the top and I proceed to roll them up inside the popiah skin. Start chomping! No time to salivate.

The Peking Duck from Paradise Pavilion weren't the least inferior to the Imperial Treasure's Super Peking Duck. I thought they were on par but HY thought Paradise Pavilion's fowl taste better. It must be novelty of a new thing rubbing on her.

Another good recommendation by the waiter was the Fish Paste Noodles with Pan Seared Scallops. I was having a little friendly banter with HY and my SIL on what I heard of this dish from the mouth of the waiter. The noodles are made with fish paste. Some remarks similar to the effect of "Fat hope" was shoved at me. Alas! when it arrived, it's really noodles made with fish paste. The noodles were tangy and had a good taste of fish. Fabulous stuff here!

Fish Paste Noodles with Pan Seared scallops
Some creative desserts that looks good and taste good .....

Aloe Vera with Lemon Grass Jelly
Avocado with Coffee Ice Cream
As I was leaving the restaurant, I took a picture of the chefs at the wood fire oven.

Brick Wood Fire Oven at the entrance
With the high standards of cuisine and service here. I have no doubt that I would be back for a repeat.

8A Marina Boulevard
#02-01 Marina Bay Link Mall
Tel : +65 6509 9308

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